Chill out Your Vacations in Phuket Villa Resort

The biggest island in Thailand, Phuket is located in Southern Thailand overlooking the Andaman coastline. Known as Thailand’s wealthiest province, this island has a humid climate throughout the year. As one of the Thailand’s premier tourist destinations, Phuket boasts a substantial variety of attractions, such as Phuket aquarium, Fanta sea and a few waterfalls but through the years, it is been popular as a shopaholic’s paradise.

Phuket villa resort

Together with these the island has many amazing private villas, which can be often leased out for luxury holidays in private pool villas in Phuket. With the typical villa coming with 5 bedrooms, private pool, spa, gardens and lots of staff a private villa is a excellent alternative for anyone travelling in a group. The private villa provides a more secluded holiday for people who prefer not to share their pool with strangers. This is also the perfect solution for camera shy actors.

The island offers a wide variety of shopping from brilliant open-air village food markets, street stalls, night markets and local stores to up market specialist stores and department stores of Western fashion. So it is much better to be ready with a huge suitcase when shopping in Phuket as you will find items which range from traditional handcrafts to stunning jewellery, clothes boutiques, antiques and hardware.

To start your exciting shopping spree in fashion, pay a visit to Old Phuket Town, which covers Dibuk and Thalang roads. Then move to Rassada, Yaowarat and Phang Nga streets and resume to the Phuket’s outskirts. After a little wandering around town, you will come to realizeĀ private pool villas in Phuket are the best location for enthusiastic people who have any sort of budget.

Since this city is a major hub of very vibrant Batik, you may see many shops especially in Patong, selling batik clothing. But in addition to this is the high quality Thai silk with scintillating colours made into a huge selection of merchandise including tops and blouses, neckties, cushions, handbags, suits and many different other home furnishings.

The art fans will be delighted to learn that Patong in Phuket comprises a whole lot of paintings stores from that a majority having original paintings on sale, while also being able to rustle up reproductions of contemporary or classical masterpieces. Either way these paintings are enchanting enough to attract a great number of customers.

Phuket Island has everything to offer for a great vacation, whether you are travelling as a couple, alone, or with a group of acquaintances. The island has magnificent beaches, endless shopping possibilities, delicious food, tropical climate, astonishing viewpoints, luxury spas, beauty and massage parlours, in addition to accommodation that suit everybody’s budget.

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