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Ensure the security of your house with fingerprint digital door lock singapore

Lack of proper home security is just as dangerous as driving around with your kids in your car without seat belts. The reality of the world we live in is dictated by many risks home invasions including. And just because you do not come across a front-page headline highlighting, it does not mean that they do not happen.

Even the statistics suggests that break-ins happen with every passing second and

 fingerprint digital door lock singaporewill surely protect your house at any cost.

 A guest topping all the other fingerprint digital door lock

Just like Nest, August lets you control the system when you are not home, see the history of who has opened the door, give people scheduled recurring access, temporary access, or permanent access. August fingerprint digital door lock singapore has two unique features one is the door sensor which always lets you know the status of the door and it warns you in the app when the door is not fully shut. This feature is important because, with smart locks like Nest, you can leave your door wide open but because the lock is turned all the way, the app still gives indications that the house is locked and secured.

The second unique feature is called auto-unlock. First, it puts your home in a way mode, once you leave the perimeter of your house and then when you come back, it automatically unlocks the door. Of all the smart locks, August is the only one with the unlock feature. It works perfectly about 95% of the time and then the other 5% still works but it is a little bit slower.

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