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What is meditation and yoga?

Meditation and yoga are exercises for the body and mind. These have existed for millions of years. They have not lost their relevance even in today’s modern times. You can switch off your mind and clear it at yoga and meditation classes in singapore. Let us have a look at what these practices deal with.


Yoga focuses on flexibility and strength with controlled breathing. It is an ancient exercise form. Yoga originated in India 5000 years back. It is now a major part of fitness centers and gyms across the globe.

Yoga is a practice that enhances the physical, mental and spiritual state of an individual. Both the spirit and mind can attain tranquility with yoga. People practice yoga for different reasons. It enhances flexibility in people trying to recover from injury or in people who are extremely active for that matter. A lot of people practice yoga for the holistic benefits it provides.


Like yoga, meditation is also an ancient practice and it is gaining popularity like never before. People are aiming for a holistic and healthy lifestyle. It helps in the overall well being of an individual. It gives you that moment alone to reflect in your thoughts. Meditation is not just a prayer, it is a training that can free you from discomfort and worries. It can play a major role in helping you achieve contentment and happiness.

If meditation and yoga are incorporated in your everyday life, they can work wonders in giving you inner peace.

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